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Our kennel is engaged in breeding Pomeranians and German klein spitzes. It was registered in FCI. The main producers of our kennel were imported from leading kennels of the USA. We have had many descendants from them, who are in popular demand in breeding and successfully take part in Dog Shows and Specialities. Many of them are Champions of the different countries.

Our kennel was registered in Moscow, but a few years ago we moved to a countryside as we are deeply convinced that the best conditions for the maintenance of dogs and raising puppies are possible in the private house with big outdoor territory.

Now we live in a picturesque place on the border of Moscow and Kaluga regions. All dogs live with us in the house, the whole day they have opportunity to walk outdoors, enjoying fresh air and the sun, and it affects on their health and appearance in the best way.

I would like to express heart gratitude to the kennel owners who helped me with choice and purchasing of my favourite dogs. They are: Elena Poplavskaya (kennel "Vesely Gnom"), Elena Kulikova ("Ku-Elen"), Sharon Hanson ("Jan-Shar"), Diane Finch ("Finch's pomeranians"), Charlotte Meyer ("Char's"), Elena Turbina ("Bravo"), Bob and Nancy Coddington ("Trudy's").

I express special gratitude to my faithful friends and colleagues, full members of kennel "Almi Urnis" - Irina Kazanskaya, Elena and Andrey Fedoseyev. And also to Maria Myuris, kennel "De Myuris", for all photos of our favourites which you see on pages of our site.

And also to all people who have dogs from our kennel and of our breeding!


Портал о японских хинах - ВИРТУАЛЬНЫЙ ГОРОД ХИНОВ

ДЭ МЮРИС (вл. Мария Мюрис)

JAN - SHARS (США) (вл.Sharon Hanson)


FINCH 'S POMERANIANS (вл. Diane Finch)


OSMININE'S POMS (вл. Osminina Irina)

КУ-ЕЛЕН (вл.Елена Куликова)

АРЗЕНЛАНД (вл.Ирина Погорелая)

ВЕСЁЛЫЙ ГНОМ(вл. Поплавская Елена)

ПЭТЧ ОФ САНЛАЙТ (вл. Косянкова Екатерина)


Виртуальный клуб владельцев шпицев (ВКВШ) .

Японский хин - питомник Легенда Королей

питомник померанских шпицев Imperial Pom, разведение и  продажа щенков померанского шпица

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ЛЕГЕНДА КОРОЛЕЙ - японский хин (вл. Желонина Людмила)

Рус Инесс (вл. Родина Инесса)

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 My name is Bogdanova Nina, I am the owner of cattery ALMI URNIS. The cattery is officially registered in WCF and TICA systems. We are engaged in breeding cats of remarkable breed Maine coons. We have big prospects; therefore the sirs for our cattery were imported from well-known catteries of Austria, Poland, France and Russia. Our purpose is to obtain offspring from healthy animals with beautiful type, with excellent pedigrees, in which all leading stud lines of the world are presented together. For all of us, our animals are the dearest family members and we love them greatly!

Our cattery is located in a picturesque place, surrounded by woods and fields, not far from Moscow, the capital of Russia, in the Kaluga region. We have a spacious private house, all our animals live in warm and convenient rooms with lots of toys and special play complexes for development, they have free, absolutely safe exit for walking outdoors all year round.

We pay much attention to health and correct development of all our pets, they are surrounded with constant attention and heart care, they have a balanced good nutrition, have done all necessary inoculations, and they receive the qualified veterinary help in case of need.

All animals of our cattery are tested on NSM (a hypertrophic cardiomyopathy)

Maine coon is the largest cat breed in the world. They wonderfully combine power and grace of wild cats with kind, appeasable character of a kitten. These tender and beautiful animals fascinated us and, we hope that you share our love to them.


Name: Nina Bogdanova

Phone: +7 (910)709-40-80, +7(916)-412-84-72

E-mail:   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Skype: nina.bogdanova7

FaceBook: facebook.com/nina.bogdanova1

Имя: Нина Богданова

Телефон: 8 (910)709-40-80, 8(916)-412-84-72

E-mail:   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Skype: nina.bogdanova7

FaceBook: facebook.com/nina.bogdanova1